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Download beautiful struggle | The book By ABazie Mavrick Enyinna
The book Beautiful Struggle. "Arguably the most concise insight from an inspirational yet funky young mind and better is how it is written with literal prowess in few pages.".-Uwaoma Eizu

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Welcome to Hexavia-360 Business Tips and Management Corner.
"Are you a fan of having multiple stream incomes, do you have a great idea, or perhaps you're a part of an SME team?"
Have you been thinking about going further ahead with your own business because every day you realize more that your true person is motivated by independence, creativity, and growth, rather than by the security of an employer's pay check?
You know where you want to be but until now it’s been just a dream and just recently, you’ve been through some life-changing event and you are ready to take off in a new direction.
Now is the perfect time to walk with us on the journey through this corner as we help turn your dream into reality by going further to the top. Your Journey to the top depends on some series of pathways. This we hope to unfold through this corner.

-Uwaoma Eizu


steps to a Great Business
Every business starts from an idea, and then a strategy that will make that idea profitable through sales to potential customers. Business is not an event but a process and that process starts from conceptualizing a problem, perhaps a need into a business opportunity, building a product or service out of it and then identifying the customer, communicating your product to them through the most effective ways to show its unique differentiation and advantage in the value it offers while leveraging it with a competitive advantage and perception of maximal satisfaction amongst any other.

Man’s greatest form of intelligence is imagination and out of which we create. Every great step in business comes from our power to visualize the best of what we want and at this point you’d have to have a clear picture of what you want and how you intend to get it and the easiest way to achieve this is to introduce your team, product and self to us. At Hexavia, we help brand you for the market through graphics, strategy design, website and business development. In Hexavia, we know how much good packaging creates good business and that’s what we offer. We’re not just the best in website design and development as well as logo creations, graphics and branding, in our numerous interactions with satisfying clients we realized how much they wish that our qualitative service could fulfil their other needs. Finally now it can.

Yes you can go further ahead as we hereby introduce you to our GO-all-in-1 business package. It includes incorporation, logo, business plan, company profile,branding, website and online marketting. Think quality, cost and effectiveness. All you need do is have an idea and we'd get it started as a business pack. Think GO. Go further ahead. Go with the best. Go with Hexavia.

Written By
Uwaoma Eizu

IT, brand, web and human capital developer, Uwaoma Eizu is the co-founder of Foundation 360 and the lead strategist at Hexavia.

He is in his mid twenties with an already established brand with strategic platforms. Perhaps Known best for his sway and flair for writing, facilitation and function specific consultancy in areas of IT, life and society as well as brand design and management.

He is a graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in view. He is also a certified member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria and the recipient of the Niger-delta Restoration of Hope/Ken Saro Wiwa Award for poetry and short stories, Texas, USA. He is a member of District 9110, Rotary Club of Ikoyi. See www.hexavia.net www.foundation360.hexavia.net www.hexavia.net/potterslounge

To contact eizu :mailto eizu.uwaoma@hexavia.net

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Brand Yourself
Brand Yourself
Branding refers to a process of positively and progressively creating, leveraging and sustaining a brand. BRAND is just a product identification term used to perceive and identify something, perhaps someone, a business or product. It is a broad term that covers its name, character, carriage, symbol, color, slogan, the way it is perceived and the likes. It doesn’t only identify that product; also it distinguishes it from others.

You, your company or business must maintain a high brand as it is that which moulds the client’s perception. It is best that a company creates the best of such image in the mind of anyone that experiences or comes in contact with it. Branding creates a competitive advantage as the customer sees it in a brighter and better light which favours the sale, loyalty and distribution of that product even with a higher price.

A good brand is a very vital tool in marketing strategy as it increases brand equity over time which aids profitability with a reduced marketing cost, this makes it easier for that brand to move into other areas and products with the help of the same brand through brand extension.

There’s a need to brand yourself to define how you want to be and perceived as else others will define it for you. Create a brand that tells quality, that commands attention and value if you must succeed else others will without you. Go further ahead; the only thing more important than what you’re selling is what the buyer perceives that you are. Define who you want to be through the best brand, let’s help package you into the best brand possible. Let’s start you up from scratch else choose one of our packages. Let’s design your logo, register and incorporate your business, create your business plan and company profile. Let’s define your aesthetics by graphics as we brand your business materials. Let’s build for you the best website with full features (domain name, hosting, design, and development, search engine optimization online marketing plug-in, highly functional and mobile compatible navigation).
Business is like a wheel barrow, it stands still till someone pushes it. Let’s help push your business further ahead. Talk to us.

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