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Download beautiful struggle | The book By ABazie Mavrick Enyinna
The book Beautiful Struggle. "Arguably the most concise insight from an inspirational yet funky young mind and better is how it is written with literal prowess in few pages.".-Uwaoma Eizu

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Uwaoma Eizu

IT, brand, web and human capital developer, Uwaoma Eizu is the co-founder of Foundation 360 and the lead strategist at Hexavia.

He is in his mid twenties with an already established brand with strategic platforms. Perhaps Known best for his sway and flair for writing, facilitation and function specific consultancy in areas of IT, life and society as well as brand design and management.

He is a graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in view. He is also a certified member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria and the recipient of the Niger-delta Restoration of Hope/Ken Saro Wiwa Award for poetry and short stories, Texas, USA. He is a member of District 9110, Rotary Club of Ikoyi. See www.hexavia.net www.foundation360.hexavia.net www.hexavia.net/potterslounge

"...I am just me, a lover of what I do, and I hate to have a tag to my name. I am focussed to achieving my goals. But in general there are no limitations in life, especially in focus to the big yet simple picture of what we call life. I am a professional but I don’t create formal boundaries. I am aware of my being as special; and I hope to add value enough to be the difference in everything that I am involved with. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. I love people, and whatever I do effortlessly. I hate attention but the things I do is always good enough, this only draws me closer to the same attention.

I am a thinker, creator, business man, lover, writer and a revolutionarily passionate change agent. We are all writers. I've realized that we are nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator, he lets us write our own destiny. I've chosen to be a good writer of mine and in the sands of time. I am under construction, so every day I try to go further ahead. I know my purpose, I have a map and as I travel through life I feel blessed and grateful for the gift of doing these well. I am me, I am Uwaoma Eizu..."




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