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The Peace to your mind, family and friends in your existence, health to your body, money to your pocket, love to your heart, God in your life, the times in your now, salvation 2 your soul. PLS DON'T TAKE ANY OF THIS THINGS YOU HAVE FOR GRANTED!

 Our world and Life! Is just 10% what it is and what happens but 90% how u react to it. There arr 4 kinds of people in it. people who don’t know what’s happening, people who see what’s happening, people who are a part and wonder what happens n then people who make this things happen. Which one are you'? We all have a chance to choose through what we do with our time, choice n actions.

It’s better to give than to receive but when you receive never forget and when you give never remember. Success can be lonely, to enjoy it, take people with you, it’s easier on top when it’s with the people you brought wit u so therefore help with every opportunity you get even if it’s to sum1 that might never return it although somehow, someway it will.
Follow your dreams, layout your plans and go all out now if its right though nothing cost more than doing  the wrong thing.. You can't be perfect but u can be excellent in the little you do if u go further ahead trying to live, act n work towards results above average. Keep your head and your heart going and you wouldn't have to worry about your feet. Have a lovely life ahead!

Any form of emotion clouds reasoning, take them out if u want 2 see clearly especially Lust n Anger which is d most destructive of emotional responses and in it lies falls n mistakes. Control both and see greatness!
Perhaps this ideal all in one stop prayer says "dear lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, place your hands of love and protection on me n never allow me 2 cause pain as I walk everyday towards you and your will".


Thoughts To You
by Uwaoma Eizu

Don’t know much, just know that it’s more important to have a compass than a clock, to keep your head and heart going than your feet, to believe in heaven than hell, solutions than problems, to not care about who you are but who you can be. what’s our business with whether all men were born equal and who's at an advantage when i know that we all get a chance to live and shine and we had better use ours 100% n 360 degrees


It’s okay to be you, You don't have to own a library, build a church or grow a garden, you deserve to be happy so it’s okay to "pop champagne", enjoy yourself, make money, cop that new stuvz, be successful" but perhaps we could feel more fulfilling if we all had a “lil” thing or project to do by the side in support for knowledge, life, hope or happiness. That’s true fulfillment.

There was never a time when your life wasn't now so do more than dream, do more than wish, do more than procrastinate, whatever! Just start what u want to do if it’s positive, productive and worth doing, whatever! Just go for it, just try, JUST DO IT! Do what u can, with what u have, where u are!

True wealth is a positive mental attitude, Money, investment, good heart and a better mindset , sound physical health, harmony in human relationship, freedom from fear and the hope for future achievements. HOW RICH ARE YOU?

Our life's a timeline but no one know when it'll expire, create a reason for living learn like you'd live forever but live like everyday's your last for your life's a gift from God, how u live and what u do with it simply is your gift back 2 him. Make a difference!

If all the teachings, books, seminars and success stories were to be compressed in one sentence, If there's any one secret to making it, if there's any one simple logic to what everybody's future depends on, it would be: God, what you do with your time, people you’re with, your attitude and hw u treat your SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threats). Please keep this in your head! Even if that’s all it can hold.

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