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Download beautiful struggle | The book By ABazie Mavrick Enyinna
The book Beautiful Struggle. "Arguably the most concise insight from an inspirational yet funky young mind and better is how it is written with literal prowess in few pages.".-Uwaoma Eizu
Read the extracts and review here

The potters lounge is more than a place. It’s a platform, a centre in Ikoyi for young people to hang out weekly as they find a purpose driven life through the most attractive platforms.Career, Business, Leadership, Relationship, Emotions, God, knowledge, Skills juggled with music & refreshments for free.

WetalknigeriaDiscuss social issues on Nigeria

The Book Lost Manuals By Eizu
The book is guaranteed to be the beginning of a life changing journey. Every page of the book has been written to help bring that moment of greatness, success and personal fulfillment into reality. Click Here For More or Click to download book extracts here

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Foundation 360 refers to a team of resourceful sound young minds with projects in selective rural and urban areas. We create platforms for individuals to achieve their purpose through excellence and growth. We engage in function specific projects that suite the defined catchment needs of our society and time. We are aimed at human capital development using events, projects as well as popular culture oriented means relative and customized to specific domains. We help in creating better minds, lives and a more positive and progressive nation through youths while building a world with value.

Foundation 360 is well positioned along the dynamics of today’s world, strategically to help deliver our world through it platforms. We are ever committed to helping young people succeed and become influential and revolutionary change agents for the sake of duplicating more sound and resourceful minds for a better society, a more wealthy life, for its affiliates and others. We believe in customizing every project and our affiliates to the needs of time and domains. We are sound, young, resourceful, dedicated, creative and passionate about what we do. We are success stories in the making.

To be Africa’s number one provider of resourceful human capital development platforms, projects and a central hub that links people to their dreams and purpose. To be a network chain of the best of kinds and of every generation while keeping in touch and raising more kinds in alignment with positivity. To help young people successfully attain a height of excellence. To offer backbone services that will help raise the next generation of success stories out of the most sound and positive minds in other to achieve the change and objectives of a better world with values in line with today’s demanding and rapidly changing environment.

To create platforms for influence as a bridge to the best minds. To raise excellence, success and wealth as a means to deliver progressive change to help build a better world with value.

Our Plots.
In every generation, it’s only a few that truly make it and then pass it on to a small circle that carry on this tradition. They are not just successful; they go further ahead, leaving marks and influences. They take people like we want to, like we should. We all love the idea of being heroic and being successful. But the truth is , there is almost a spiritual principle to this, you'd never get there until you're willing to take people with you. Don't doubt if you can be successful and change the world, it’s only a few that have made it that far-negative or positive, so it counts!

The plot is to use all we have (the power of us) and where we stand (the power of now) to change our own immediate situation for the better like that few in every generation. This happens only when we can create platforms and networks of sound minds and then help walk them through a thorough process of success with values using non stereotypical approaches. This way we would have more power to not just complain to ourselves but change and influence the situation and our way of thinking positively and progressively away from the lies and incompetence’s, unstable economy, weak institutions, corrupt minds, mediocre results and a usually average lifestyle. This is our plots, we are Foundation 360. Go further ahead with us.

Uwaoma Eizu

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Foundation 360

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Eizu Uwaoma
Uwaoma Eizu is one of the minds behind foundation 360. He is a creative 25 year old consultant, facilitator, writer and speaker. He holds a profound brand and flair for writing and co-ordinative facilitation but a career in IT, brand, human capital and business consultancy and management. He is the Co-founder of Foundation 360, creative director of the Swayliner lifestyle brand, initiator/facilitator of the Potters Lounge Ikoyi and the Lead consultant and strategist @ The Hexavian group Ltd.

Gifted with a team of young and highly creative professionals who are the best in website development, branding, business strategy development consultancy & IT.   Wouldn’t you rather go further ahead with us?

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